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Think ahead when planning your kitchen: how much time will you spend there?

When you build with MZ Custom Homes and Remodeling, our team of experts guides you toward designing the ideal kitchen for your lifestyle.

Remember, the easier access you have to your appliances, the more often you’ll use them.

There are two excellent space-saving options for storing and using your stand mixer.

A simple change in cabinet height can allow for easy access to your blender.

You may want to consider an unexpected location for your microwave.

The Heart of your Home

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When designing your kitchen, think ahead. Don’t underestimate the impact a few strategic decisions can make on the everyday use of your kitchen. To many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Sharing a meal, cooking together, gathering for game night or sneaking a late night snack: these are the things memories are made of. A convenient kitchen and dining layout can provide a welcoming space for whatever you envision your kitchen to be. Consider the amount of time you’ll spend prepping, cooking, cleaning, and storing your items. Not to mention the number of people you can expect to gather. Who knows? A few space saving and function-friendly design strategies may just make that pile of dishes feel a little less daunting.